Copenhagen Open Masters

4th. November 2023 - don't bring officials - bring YOU!


The cosiest, and perhaps the most fun masters swim meet - join us on 4th November 2023


General info:

  • Your swimming club must collect an envelope with tickets to the party. Tickets can be handed over at the pool kitchen. 
  • Showing of tickets is mandatory at party location in order to be admitted to the party.
  • Beverages (beer, wine, drinks) can be purchased at the party.
  • You are not allowed to bring your own beverages to the party.
  • You can pay by card at the party.
  • Paying by cash is possible, but refund might be limited as we primarily rely on that customers paying by card.
  • There will be a lottery at the pool kitchen.

Copenhagen Open Masters is a masters swim meet, celebrating its 35th anniversary on 2023. The 35th COM swim meet takes place on 4th November 2023, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The swim meet is sprint oriented, and has always been known for its cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Nevertheless the meet does not lack in quality, as it's visited by former olympians and masters world record holders. The swim meet attracts masters swimmers from mostly Europe, due to its central positioning, the pool, the hotels, and the party location are all very close to Copenhagen Airport.

The highlight of the swim meet, is the party. At the party, swimmers can mingle, watch the the prize ceremony, and once the music begins, there’s dancing! At the bar, one can buy wine, shots, and of course the famous Danish seasonal beer, Carslberg Julebryg (Christmas brew), released every year in November. All at very reasonable prizes.

Please note, it’s a requirement to be at the party, in order to receive the prizes won.

All the way from Chile!

Nicolas Villaroel came all the way from Chile! Yes he did! Listen to this short interview, and be inspired. Copenhagen Open Masters is a cosy swim meet, meant to gather masters swimmers from all over the world.

Duel in the Pool

A 1984-Olympian on a 27-year taper, a multiple masters record holder out of the pool for 10 years, and a ghost who returns every 5 years. All in the same age group and in the same heat! Can it be more dramatic? Click and see how it went.

COM 2019, in 2 minutes

Copenhagen Open Masters 2019, told in 2 minutes. From warm-up, officials meeting, lottery, a couple of races, and then the dinner, the prize ceremony and the party. Hope to see you all on 7th November 2020 for another one đŸ™‚

Results from 2022 - go compare đŸ™‚

Below you can see the program for the swim meet. Click on the red links to see the results from 2022, when COM were last held. 

Map overview - click enlarge icon (top right) to view named locations

  • Location marked with "A" = Swimming pool
  • Locations marked with "B" = hotel locations and one party location
  • Blue lines = Walking path to pool
  • For more information about suggested hotels, please scroll downwards.
  • Please note - hotels are picked and suggested based on their location (close to pool and party location) - no affiliation between us and the hotels

Scandic Strandpark


  1. Stars: 3,5 (TripAdvisor) - link
  2. Distance from pool: 2,0 km
  3. Distance from airport: 1,2 km
  4. Distance from party location: 1,4 km
  5. Click here for web page

Clarion Hotel


  1. Stars: 4,5 (TripAdvisor) - link
  2. Distance from pool: 1,7 km
  3. Distance from airport: 0 km
  4. Distance from party location: 1,5 km
  5. Click here for web page

Bella Sky


  1. Stars: 4 (TripAdvisor) - link
  2. Distance from pool: 4,5 km
  3. Distance from airport: 6,5 km
  4. Distance from party location: 4,5 km
  5. Click here for web page

Best Western Plus


  1. Stars: 3,5 (TripAdvisor) - link
  2. Distance from pool: 1,2 km
  3. Distance from airport: 1,3 km
  4. Distance from party location: 0,4 km
  5. Click here for web page


Visit the central shopping street called "Strøget". It's an all pedestrian street, super easy to reach from the Metro, and very friendly for tourists.


The Queen's Palace, Amalienborg, is within walking distance from Strøget, at 12 noon you can see the change of guards. The event is public.


A famous tourist attractions, a former red light district, now family friendly with lots of cosy Danish restaurants serving traditional Danish food.

Tuborg Beer!

At this year's swim meet's afterparty we will serve the traditional christmas brew: Tuborg Julebryg, which will be released on 6th November!


Date, for swim meet: 4th. November 2023

  • Warm-up Friday: 5.30 PM - 6.30 PM.
  • Warmup Saturday: 8.15 AM - 9.15 AM.
  • Swim meet: 9.30 AM - 5.30 PM.
  • Lunch session appx. 12.00 AM.
  • Party: 6.30 PM - midnight.
  • Closing date: 7th October 2023.

Cancellations beyond 30th September 2023 not eligible for refund.

Swim meet is held in a 25 m pool.

Summary of events:

  • 50 & 100 m, all strokes.
  • 4 x 50 free, medley, mix.
  • Same events as last year.

Swim meet will have electronic timing.

Officials will be provided by the hosting swim club.


  • Individual entry: 80 DKK.
  • Relay: 125 DKK.
  • Party: 300 DKK.

Conditions for party applies:

  • Please purchase party ticket along with swim meet registration.
  • Admission to party requires ticket.
  • It's not allowed to bring your own food or drinks.
  • Prize ceremony only at the party.

During swim meet, sandwhiches and beverages can be purchased.

Payment info, foreign swim clubs:

  • IBAN: DK9253240000244520
  • MAKE SURE to include name of paying party!!

Payment info DK swim clubs:

  • Arbejdernes Landsbank: 5324 0000244520
  • MobilePay: 21775
  • MAKE SURE to include name of paying party!!


Pool location: Rølikkevej 4, 2770 Kastrup.

Party location: Skottegårdsskolen, 2770 Kastrup. 10 mins walk from pool. See Google maps above (Map overview)

Taxi info: No Uber in DK, but please note that you can order a taxi for 8 persons or for 1 person only - the price is the same, thus making taxi sharing much cheaper.

  • Taxi phone no.: +45 35 35 35 35 (please provide them of exact pickup address)
    - or -
  • Taxi app - click here (iPhone) This is very useful, as the app uses the GPS to state your pickup address to the taxi company

For local public transport, use CityMapper - click here (iPhone).

General info

Prizes: Only National, Nordic, European and World records will be rewarded.

Eligible age groups:

  • Pre-masters: 1999 - 2003
  • Masters: Before 1998

At the swim meet, swimming equipment can be purchased.

Lottery to be available.

Results and entries

Registration form - soon to arrive!

For questions, please visit our FaceBook page - click here.

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